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What people have to say about my work..

It was June, 2020 and I was in a rut of perfectionism versus productivity and that had made me procrastinate things to the extent that I had lost faith in my competence in academic writing and research; which I’d longed for, for the longest time. I could no longer indulge in creative writing – something I’d always find an escape in. I thought maybe it was because others were way better or maybe I just didn’t fit in! To add to it, lockdown made everything come to a standstill and the voices of self-doubt and self-deprecation had turned into a gigantic monster which was hard to combat and even harder to escape.   

I just wanted to get out of this and lead a happy life like any other person. As the counselling sessions began, we explored realms of aspects like emotion, attachment, self-awareness, mindfulness among others; which over the years had transformed me into the person I was. We might read, research, observe and even self-diagnose an issue but counselling helps us dig deeper and work on the fundamentals. It also equips one with a tool-kit to sail across unexpected or unwanted circumstances with ease in the future. 

What I appreciate the most is the way Madhulika buttressed every technique/method or suggestion with citing earlier work and literature on the same. I was also drawn to the fact how philosophical counselling is accepting of spirituality, science and practicality, and doesn’t confine one to follow a single path. You can have your own tailor-made regime. Lastly, the sessions were highly interactive and flexible while maintaining professionalism at the core and one could always go back and follow-up on ideas at length. Also, I am a proud first counselee and I couldn’t be happier! I hope this encourages others to take a step ahead towards a healthier mind and body.


Shruti, Delhi

Madhulika is an empathetic and compassionate counsellor who will listen to your concerns and assist you with how to resolve your issues and grow as a person. I have been plagued with various problems for a very long time, and talking about those with Madhulika helps me deal with those problems in a healthy way. Her expertise and graciousness stand out when you speak with her, and it feels like all will be get better due to her counsel. I wholeheartedly recommend that you try talking to her at least once, and if you do, you will find out for yourself how much she can positively impact you.

Ayush, Indore

I found Madhulika when I was going through a little more sceptical times and the moments of uncertainty that had hit all of us during the pandemic last year. It was nothing less than a bolt out of the blue when it stayed for more than we expected it to and is still going on. The irrationality that took over me and I was going through a tougher time since my plans got all blown up. Talking to her certainly helped me in more than one ways. She used to tell me some stories about Buddhism and how theory of momentariness can help us get through this difficult time. She certainly helped me to think of the situation in a bit more of a light than I was allowing myself to see. It was good talking to her every week and getting myself aligned with what I was thinking and why I was thinking that way. Maybe, because I had some experiences that caged me to that way of thinking. We dont talk any more but her words are still there to keep me guided on a singular path. I would like to share gratitude that I couldn't ever before. So thank you very much.

Ms. G, Delhi

Working with Madhulika in the last several months has been a life changing experience. I have felt very lost and often misunderstood about who I am, and I really appreciate Madhulika's valuable insight, her ability to clearly explain and answer all of my questions.

Madhulika’s compassionate and informed approach has greatly helped me to break my detrimental coping methods and restricting patterns. Now I can process difficult events in my life and better manage stressful situations. 

Madhulika has never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable.  Instead she has facilitated my journey beautifully.  I am so grateful and pleased I made the decision to be her counselee. 

Using different philosophical tools and methods she helped me to focus on what is in my control and not to be distracted by what is not in my control. She has an immense knowledge of philosophy and spirituality. Through her teachings I learnt to be more rational in my personal and professional life.

Dhaval, Gujrat

My experience with Madhulika Sharma in philosophical counseling has been a very positive experience. Each session, we evaluate and work on making a plan to improve life habits in order to reach life goals and improve my self-concept and productivity. While any progress I have made depends on how hard I work, Ms. Sharma has made herself available to speak with during unscheduled times when I have had particularly difficult moments, and has been able to talk me through moments of panic when nobody else could. She is compassionate and calm, and cares about her patients. I am very grateful for what she has done for me.

Kara, USA

I was searching for a best counsellor , then I got Madhulika mam's contact number .  After talking to her  I get Motivated, I feel that my all the problems are going away from me . My all sickness is going far away from me .

I recommend all the people who

are facing alot of mental problems like depression etc , to get soon in contact with Madhulika  mam  .  She  taught me meaning of  life . She give me a new life . She told me that 
every moment of our life is like a occasion 
I give full out of full rating . Thankyou mam for supporting me in my difficult situations  thank you so much mam.

Mrs. Sonu, Uttar Pradesh

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