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Philosophical Counseling is the need of the hour.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

What is happening? This phrase sums up the year 2020.

We mostly identify our lives with money, career, and relationships; these three factors have defined a person's status in society. But this pandemic has halted everything. These social status factors became utterly useless in front of this virus. It impacted every human equally.

This pandemic has consciously or unconsciously evoked various troubling thoughts in everyone's mind. It tested people's emotional reactivity, it questioned one's identity, and lastly, it left a silent remark that 'everything is momentary.'

We are unable to find the answers in the prevailing sectors of knowledge. Imagine this getting over, would you be able to start your lives the way you did before the quarantine period? It would be emotionally more challenging than simply returning to previous physical activities.

There is a need to understand our lives from a different perspective. Philosophers have been the pioneers in understanding, criticizing, and presenting new dimensions of perspective to improve human lives. Philosophical Counseling has been one such practice between laureates and philosophers, who critically analyze various thoughts and concerns in a dialogical order. Whereas throughout history, the benefits of philosophy have been restricted to philosophers and theologians, the time is right for the wisdom of philosophy to be able to speak to, with, and for, everyone.

Philosophical Counseling is the need of the hour.

In simple terms, it is a contemporary counseling approach where any concern can be expressed and understood from the medium of philosophy, which cross-examines all beliefs, desires, values, purposes, and actions.

We are a Pan-India group of fourteen member practitioners who constitute the first (and, so far, the only) certified group of Philosophical Counselors in India. This certification was provided by the American Philosophical Practitioner's Association (APPA), upon the successful completion of a three-week intensive course of study and training restricted to philosophers with advanced degrees in philosophy. If you have any questions about my methods or would like to schedule a free consultation, please get in touch today or visit my website. / /

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