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Why choose Philosophical Counseling?

Benefits: Services

A distinct field of counseling

If you haven't found the desired results from the prevailing counseling methods and are looking for an alternative field of counseling,philosophical counseling can be of your benefit.

Wandering Traveler

Philosophy,that sounds interesting!

""Philosophy" is a word we use in our everyday language, but do we understand this subject's real essence? Philosophy is the pioneer of all topics globally; every branch of knowledge has developed from its roots. It encompasses the issues of epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, logic, and ethics. These domains specialize in a diverse understanding of human life.
Hence, philosophy has a lot to offer when it comes to improving mental health.


Dialogue and interpretation

Through a series of constructive dialogue, the philosophical counselor helps the client realize hidden biases, unspoken assumptions, and conflicting values.

Autonomous in nature.

The primary aim is to make the counselee self-reliant where the counselor helps the counselee unravel implicit assumptions by revealing hidden patterns and structures. The client eventually can apply the different philosophical tools and methods in any situation, which makes him independent instead of dependent upon the counselor.

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